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The New Detroit Riverwalk and Lighthouse Park

The New Detroit Riverwalk and Lighthouse Park is a development on the southeast riverfront of the Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. Mariner Park and the brownfield west of it between two canals are currently home to a soccer field, small river’s edge and historic lighthouse. This project expands on the active fishing, biking and sports cultures in the neighborhood and provides amenities for residents, businesses and general visitors to enjoy the riverfront.

Knowing that the neighborhood is prone to flooding, this development uses both coastal reinforcement and water redirection infrastructure as well as water collection strategies to create a resilient yet meaningful gathering space for all. The architecture is noticeably different in scale and tone than the rest of the Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood. It instead picks up cues from the entire Detroit Riverfront which expresses sweeping tensile structures and coverings; memorable facades; engaging stairs and paths and places of music, play, exercise and fun. This urban plan includes not only the design of built form but also the design of great memories.



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Nicholas Peruski

Nicholas Peruski is a Metro Detroit transplant, graduate-level student at Lawrence Technological University pursuing his Master of Architecture degree. On campus he is passionate about working with students at the printLab, as a teaching assistant and as a leader in the college’s AIAS and NOMAS chapters; off campus he works as an architectural and graphic designer. He enjoys unconventional architectural drawing styles, intense studio culture, 3D printing, pop colors, quirky graphics and big thinks.

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