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Owen Park

In a city with massive stormwater and sewage discharges contributing to water pollution and a decreased quality of life, Detroit is in high demand for an architectural response to this dilemma with the rapid changing of climate on the horizon. Across the river from Belle Isle on the riverfront of West Village is a multi-use commercial, residential, and public development of Owen Park. The project aims to address issues of water pollution by creating two large green roofs available to the public for stormwater management, and to manage its own waste output by using natural systems to break down waste to be filtered and reused. The goal of Owen Park is to remain as public as possible by providing commercial development, remediation of the Detroit Riverwalk, and an interior vertical garden enjoyable all year round.



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Integrated Design Studio 4


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Alexander Hollander

Alexander HollanderThird-year architecture/design student at Lawrence Technological University. Employed by AKA Architects Inc. in Rochester, MI. Skilled in applying creative design solutions to architecture ranging from small scale residential to large scale commercial, with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Ability to lead teams with a clear vision of success by encouragement, positivity, and optimism.

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