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Jefferson Mixed Use development

The objective of this project is to design a mixed-use community complex for the Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood. This development is located at the busiest intersection in the neighborhood which is currently a vacant lot. The building sits snug on Jefferson Avenue which fills the gap of the existing street wall pattern, creating a hard edge and revitalizing the Jefferson Avenue strip. Through analyzing surround Urban patterns and site context, the design and form of the building took shape. The buildings form was achieved by setting a goal to absorb and adapt to the surrounding context and materials of the existing community as well creating an open space for the public. This was done so by meeting the building heights of existing buildings along Jefferson Avenue, as well as slowly stepping the building height down to the residential area to conform to the Urban Grain Pattern. The specific shape of the building embodies the letter “C” which creates a partially enclosed community plaza space within the mixed use development. This Project will introduce multiple methods of addressing and managing all storm water on site such as, Green Roofs/Terraces, Permeable Pavers, and Occupiable Plotters. All of which are completely incorporated into the buildings design.



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Integrated Design Lab 4


Nathan Stiebe

Nathan Stiebe Nathan is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Architecture at Lawrence Technological University. He is working and studying as an intern for Bergmann Associates, out of Lansing, MI. His projects and designs emulate Sustainable Architecture as it is a huge interest and design motivator for him. Nathan is very ambitious to get out and explore the world of architecture as well as share his ideas.

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