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My area of study takes place in Detroit, Michigan along Jefferson Ave. It began with researching the relation humans had with the water’s edge. From having a direct survival relation to the river, it progressed to an excess dumping grounds for sewage discharge. In addition, E Jefferson Ave, created a separation between the river, consisting primarily of towers to the North of Jefferson mainly consisting of single and multi-family homes. I then specified my research to the towers along Jefferson, and realized that the parking footprint is larger than the building footprint. To maximize the parking footprint, my design consists of landscape over the parking and 96 units each consisting of a patio that is submerged with trees and plants, in addition to river views. My design intention was to bring back the ecological and sociological heritage of the site being primarily vegetation and direct relation to the river.



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Integrated Design Studio 4


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Instagram: varudandi_arch

Anusha Varudandi

Anusha is currently a rising senior at Lawrence Tech's architecture program. She enjoys photography and hopes to experience the world after college. Nature is an inspiration in most of her designs and she aspires to work towards designing more sustainable and ecologically-friendly architectural concepts and designs in her future career.

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