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Detroit Mixed-Use Space

For my mixed-use space, I wanted to focus on designing the open spaces just as much as the interior spaces. The backbone of my design process was that I wanted to create a link between two Detroit landmarks: the busy Eastern Market and the often underutilized Dequindre Cut. In my site, I wanted to create the main path for those that would want to travel between the two as well as an assortment of smaller nooks and crannies to explore and spend time. My design has these main ideas as well as smaller supporting themes such as having places for the Eastern Market vendors to sell goods and incorporating landscaping to express softer boundaries and to bring nonporous spaces in the dense city.



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Integrated Design Lab 4


Jeremy Hufnagel

I am a third-year student at LTU perusing a Bachelors then a Master’s Degree in Architecture. I am an active AIAS member and I am the Treasurer on the Executive Board. Outside of doing school work I love to travel, cook, and hang out with my friends.

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