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Atwater Front

Located across the street from the West Detroit Riverwalk, Atwater Front is a mixed-use urban development that connects the Riverwalk and the existing buildings north of the site. The Riverwalk lacks what other outdoor attractors in Detroit, such as Campus Martius and Hartfield Plaza have, a seamless transition from open space to urban grain.

The main objective of Atwater Front is to enhance the pedestrian life of the block to the north of the Riverwalk. A new pedestrian pathway that runs from the Riverwalk through the Atwater Front site allows for integration between nature and the urban form. Other enhancements of pedestrian life include pathways for circulation and connecting courtyards for places of gathering.

A secondary objective of the project was to utilize stormwater management. This is achieved through the use of a retention basin south of Atwater Street. Other strategies utilized include green roof gardens and pervious paving.



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Integrated Design Lab 4


Natalie Miller

Natalie will graduate from the dual Architecture and Interior Architecture program at Lawrence Tech in the Spring of 2021. Her interests include environmental psychology and sustainability. On campus, she is the current Vice President for both the Student International Interior Design Association and Kappa Beta Gamma sorority.

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