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This project consisted on utilizing the existing structure of the Peninsular Paper Company, located in Ypsilanti, MI. with two different performance spaces: a visual auditorium and an audio auditorium. Our team decided to abstract the nature of each performance and create a program which allowed visitors to occupy this space during morning hours in order to enhance their daily morning routine. While the auditory performance consisted of an instrumental component which was allowed to be heard all throughout the building; the visual performance consisted of a gathering space meant to allow visitors to view the sun in the morning, as the culminating point of their visit.



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Integrated Design Lab 4

Carlos is currently an international student from Mexico pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture at Lawrence Technological University, currently finishing his sophomore year. Besides architecture, he has a great interest in photography, and all the ways in which architecture is able to overlap and draw inspiration from different practices. He wants to learn more about how parametric design is being adopted in professional practices, as well as the impact that this technology has in the design process and its outcomes.

Kirsten Crawford is a sophomore at Lawrence Technological University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in architecture. She loves residential architecture because she loves the idea of designing homes for families to grow in. She currently works as an intern at Braun Construction Group in Farmington Hills, MI. Outside of the realm of architecture, Kirsten is an athlete on LTU’s Women’s Golf team and a member in the sorority, Kappa Beta Gamma.

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