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Project Name: Peninsular Performance Hall

Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, The Peninsular Performance Hall reimagines the former Peninsular Paper Company building as a place of social gathering and as a performance venue.

The Peninsular Performance Hall utilizes contrast to emphasize different spaces and experiences.

Contrast was achieved by organizing spaces into two categories: performance and service. These categories determine the space’s light and sound qualities.

Service spaces are connected visually using stepped balconies and natural light and possess a reverbial sound quality.

Performance spaces lack natural light and are isolated in the nature of their function.

Each floor houses a significant event (cafe, visual + audio auditoriums) that is supported by other spaces.



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Integrated Design Lab 4

Instagram (Architectural Photos): @samhallsfientlig_societet

Carson is currently a Sophomore in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program at Lawrence Technological University. While architecture is his main focus, Carson also enjoys studying the cinematography of major films, as well as the emotional impact that a scene can have on a viewer, and tries to find ways to use some of the same techniques in his architectural compositions.

Instagram: adv.archt

Allyza is a second-year student (Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture) at Lawrence Technological University. She aims to focus on the sustainability of architecture and its environmental impact. Moreover, Allyza is also interested in the social impact of architecture, exploring how designers can create functional and intelligent spaces.

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