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Zero Point

Looking at Home Office spaces, and the pacing of life in busy households, Zero Point is a prospective take on computer ownership going forward. Starting with the allocation of home computing to a central server/machine, and enabling access to its power through remote “terminals." the goal was to reduce desktop clutter while freeing-up users to relocate anywhere within the home for situationally necessary quiet without subjecting them to the poor ergonomics of traditional laptops. Accompanied with artistic visual elements, short-throw laser projectors that could render traditional “screens'' obsolete, and an adaptive touch interface, this look at the future aims to enable and inspire users going forward.





Industrial Design [BS]




Matthew Schott

Coming from an Engineering and Manufacturing background as a CAD Modeler and Draftsman, Matthew saw Lawrence Tech’s Industrial Design program as a way to channel his curiosity and accumulated knowledge into more creative endeavors. Now completing his 4th year in the program, Matt has found pride in the completion of projects such as the StarAgilis sponsored “Game Controller”, and delved into Jewelry Design during a summer internship that evolved into freelance side-work.
Matthew’s time at Lawrence Tech has been punctuated with additional accolades such as acceptance into the Honors program, being elected as Vice Chair of the IDSA chapter, attaining Captaincy in the inaugural Esports team for one of the games being played, working as a Teaching Assistant for Sophomore RhinoCAD users, and getting to take part in engagement opportunities with prospective freshmen.

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