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With more people working from home than ever, it is harder to stay in a daily routine. Through research, sketching, and digital prototyping, Evolve was designed to encourage and establish a routine for physical movement each and every day. This luxury looking ottoman will look great in any living space but is able to manipulate for different workouts and store equipment. Each day you can complete a different body group workout with individualized compartments.





Industrial Design [BS]




Melanie Beauchamp

Melanie Beauchamp is a graduating senior in Industrial Design at Lawrence Tech University. Her intent when it comes to design is to help enhance the user experience through minimal yet effective design. Throughout her four years she has worked on various projects that have widened her skillset involving analog skills like sketching and rapid prototyping, to digital skills including rendering, modeling, and animating to effectively communicate design ideas. Currently, Melanie is seeking full-time employment upon graduation with interests in automotive, furniture, CMF and UX/UI design.

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