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Recycle Here addresses the need for recycling options in the City of Detroit, where the recycling rate is a substandard quality 10.5%. Partnered with the Detroit Environmental Justice Organization, the goal of this project was to offer the city of Detroit a designed product and system that will help manage everyday recyclables. This product and system will educate and give residential households the ability to recycle correctly and conveniently. Combined with community education efforts we can hope to improve the experience of an unconventional way of recycling. This effect is to help build the local and circular economy in metro Detroit.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Aiyana Reid, Carlos F Gonzalez

Aiyana Reid is an Industrial Design student with a passion for infusing a sense of childlike play and wonder within her products. She strives to create products that enhance a user's life- both through experience and aesthetic, a combination she believes to be the core of good design. She considers herself multi-disciplinary, as she has experience at a variety of companies focusing on different aspects of design- ranging from automotive, to watches, to graphic design, and more.

Carlos F Gonzalez is a bilingual Latino designer who is driven by graphic design’s ability to amplify minority voices and to bring awareness to underlying causes in society. He is inspired by the ways that typography and photography act as forms of graphic communication.
He is currently a designer at Woodward & Willis, a student-run, faculty-directed design studio, while pursuing his BFA in Graphic Design from Lawrence Technological University.

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