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The Immersive Recording Studio is a project based around the creative process. It is difficult for a musician to get into a creative headspace. Many ailments plague creatives, including lack of inspiration, distraction, and improper workspaces.

A rentable space, accessible to musicians across the world, provides full immersion into their craft. A fully adjustable interior featuring fold-away seating, equipment storage, mesh panels, and wall mounting attachments gives freedom to the musician. Along with adjusting the layout of the room, the artist changes and interacts with the lighting of the space to create an inspiring environment.

With the freedom to change every aspect of their environment, they also change their mindset to support their creative process.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Instagram: ronnielynnbeers

Veronica Beers

My name is Veronica Beers. I am a User Experience Designer located in my hometown of Plymouth, Michigan. May 2020 is my graduation date from Lawrence Technological University where I studied Industrial Design. With any project I work on my goal is to create a memorable experience for the user, whether the product is 2D or 3D.

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