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Speculative design project inspired by the world imagined in Alan Lightman's fictional novel Einstein’s Dreams. An integral theme of the story being the Intersection of speed and time, and it’s consequential impact upon the characters. While time suspends for those in constant motion, the surrounding (urban) environment/structures are dynamically racing across streets.

This project explores the idea of how food services will fit within that world.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Aiyana Reid

Aiyana Reid is an Industrial Design student with a passion for infusing a sense of childlike play and wonder within her products. She strives to create products that enhance a user's life- both through experience and aesthetic, a combination she believes to be the core of good design. She considers herself multi-disciplinary, as she has experience at a variety of companies focusing on different aspects of design- ranging from automotive, to watches, to graphic design, and more.

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