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A sponsored project for Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice and a collaboration with Graphic Design 4 students Joseph Rosales, and Industrial Design 6 students Alessandro Pagura, Smart Cycle is a recycling system for temporary events that helps incentivize attendees to recycle. Based on progressive event waste management policies from other areas of the country and around the world, Smart Cycle serves as an example of what policy benefiting Detroit area consumers, citizens, and businesses could look like in practice.

Utilizing a smartphone application and a system of item-scanning smart bins, or “binions”, Smart Cycle incentivizes event attendees to recycle by discounting items that the user recycles from their next purchase. This service considerably limits the need for inefficient practice of staff policing waste receptacles commonly implemented at festivals today.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]


Instagram: @APagRocky
Instagram: @rosey_design_

Alessandro Pagura, Joseph Rosales

Alessandro Pagura is an Industrial Design student. He has interned in a variety of industries from power tools, to children’s toys, to furniture. His goal is to use design as a medium to solve problems, however small or big, and to spread joy to those around him.

Joseph Rosales is a graphic design student who thinks design is something everyone can connect to based on their life experience. He looks to explore the ways typography and design can be used to emotionally connect someone to a piece of work.

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