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In this project sponsored by Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, industrial design student Claire Bryan and graphic design student Megan Young collaborated to create Detroit’s first mobile educational recycling program. Traveling to various schools in the Midtown area, the Recycle Bus informs students of responsible recycling habits and allows them to practice these habits in a hands-on environment. This project features a school bus that has been renovated into an informative museum and mobile recycling drop-off location.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Claire Bryan, Megan Young

Claire Bryan is a third year industrial design student from Grand Rapids. She is interested in furniture and interior design, spatial design, and user experiences in the physical form.

Megan Young is a graphic design student from Coldwater, Michigan. As a designer, she loves to share her unique and playful style through a variety of mediums. When she isn’t designing, Megan is probably partaking in her favorite side hobby of being a bad ghost hunter.

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