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This project focuses on the development of a sports bag, specifically catered for those in fight sports, that reinvents the way people use bags. The goal is for the bag to transform into an object of greater value by introducing an element of modularity- which allows the bag to become personalized, both to the user and their experience. The modular units help so that the bag is configured to be used the way that best suits the consumer- either by creating organizational compartments or reinventing the purpose of the bag. Aside from the additional storage units, the bag can be further transformed from something that carries training equipment to the equipment that is used to train. This design is created to enable those in fight sports. As fighting is a high stress and chaotic activity, reducing chaos outside the ring at any given opportunity will be greatly beneficial to those who practice.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Dalia El-mokadem

Dalia El-mokadem is a graduating industrial student. Her designs are influenced by her love for cultivating strong experiences. Design placed at the centerfold between art and technology, while being rooted down with ethos is what she strives toward. She has worked developing a wide range of products at various companies, ranging from car seats to footwear.​​

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