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Noise Machine was created for people who do not play instruments but want to, and are intimidated by the steep learning curve and occasionally pretentious atmosphere created by experienced musicians. The system is created around the basic elements of early electronic music, utilizing the sampling of sounds, the creation of beats, and melody making to layer on top of the percussion. Each of the products have a singular function on their own, but can be combined to be used to full effect either in a group of people or solo.

Noise Machine is an easier entry to music, created to have no “wrong” way to use it. The simple functions and interface allow and encourage experimentation from its users. Built in collaboration with Computer Science student, Daniel Piotrowski, these prototypes are functional and usable.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Alessandro Pagura

Alessandro Pagura is an Industrial Design student. He has interned in a variety of industries from power tools, to children’s toys, to furniture. His goal is to use design as a medium to solve problems, however small or big, and to spread joy to those around him.

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