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Mercurial Adjustable Workout Equipment enables anyone to become the master of their lift. Anything they can imagine is possible with less equipment that is also quickly adjustable to match your intensity in a workout.

Using proprietary locking and adjustment mechanisms, Mercurial Adjustable DB/KB adjusts weights with a simple turn of a dial. With that same dial, the system evolves from a Dumbbell into a Kettlebell and even a pair of push-up handles or low bars. Put all the dials up to max weight, and it transforms again into a Curl Bar.

The Mercurial Adjustable Ball transforms from a Medicine Ball to a Slam Ball and back with an easy pull of string. For those intense sessions of HIIT, you no longer need to have a million types of products. This is the all-in-one

No more excuses. The only limit is what you can accomplish.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Instagram: @jtdoublel

Jacob Tol

Jacob is a designer based in Michigan. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from LTU. Jacob is a detailed-oriented designer with strong design thinking, 2D, and 3D visualization skills.

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