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Knots is a product designed for a portable post body workout preservation. Based around the brief small to big, this system’s intent is to take these small objects and create a bigger/dynamic experience for recovery.​

Each of the individual pieces has a specific design based on the different variations of battling soreness. Starting with deep tissue targeting, stimulating muscles, and providing consistent relief. One piece also doubles as a target for the back muscles giving an easy to reach solution. The size and scale allows gym goers to easily keep in their bag allowing them to take and use anywhere. The product was tested with users who are frequent gym goers and student athletes who enjoyed using the design.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Gabrielle Larkin

Gabrielle Larkin is an Industrial Design student. She enjoys bringing organic and minimal forms to life in products while also having a focus in the physical user experience that drives the design. Gabrielle has a passion for design altogether, and she enjoys creating illustrations and learning new skills in her free time.

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