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A speculative look at an alternate earth where the population all live at extreme altitude, based on the April 26, 1905 section of Alan Lightman’s book, Einstein's Dreams. How would the health and wellness trends of our culture today look like in this world, and how would something as simple as the act of eating be different?

The High Mountain Health De-Solidifier is a play on Juicero and similar wellness products that appeal to lifestyle and status over function and legitimate science. Taking disposable Solid State Nutrition pods, similar to the concept of modern-day coffee makers, the appliance turns that into an inhalable foam for nutrition that is easy to ingest, as cooking food is considerably more difficult at extreme altitude. The De-Solidifier is a trendy wellness product for the wealthy influencers of this alternate existence who would much rather press a button instead of making their own food.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Alessandro Pagura

Alessandro Pagura is an Industrial Design student. He has interned in a variety of industries from power tools, to children’s toys, to furniture. His goal is to use design as a medium to solve problems, however small or big, and to spread joy to those around him.

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