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Weather worn stones suspended on elegant ice forms, trapped in a perpetual cycle of freeze and thaw, this natural phenomenon of Russia’s “Lake Baikal” serves as inspiration for Gravitas. Like the rock upon the ice, Gravitas is a dense mass suspended on seemingly delicate structures. Completing the metaphor, daily human motion emulates the biting winds of the region: brushing along the formation, weathering it through natural interaction.​

As to the construction of the table itself, the body consists of multiple layers of precision milled and drilled Maple sheets, all stained and sealed after final assembly. 4 lengths of threaded rod bind the layers of the body to locknuts and threaded inserts mounted in each leg, and the whole assembly is finished off with Walnut caps on each of the holes. The table is intended for ease of initial assembly, and rigidity throughout its’ life.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Matthew Schott

Based in the Metro Detroit area, Matt Schott is an Honors Industrial Design Student at Lawrence Technological University, and seasoned Draftsman. With CAD renderings published multiple times in trade magazines, several Associate’s Degrees, and well over a decade of CAD and manufacturing experience, Matt embraces digital product exploration and representation.

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