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Back to Nature is a watering can that also serves as home décor. The objective of this project was to use CNC machinery in the process of creating a household object. I opted for Red Oak because it is a hardwood so it is more reliable for CNC machining. I also liked its lighter hue and comfortable weight compared to other darker and heavier hardwoods. I took the need to use wood for CNC work, as an opportunity to bring back the natural element that is missing amongst common plastic watering cans. I took inspiration from Ettore Sottsass’ bold geometric designs to create a more sophisticated watering can, so the user can display the piece in their home with pride.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]



Meghan Chapman

Meghan Chapman is a sophomore Industrial Design student interested in eco-friendly focused design, and design derived from nature. Meghan enjoys sketching, photography, reading and watercolor painting. Organic designs are common throughout her work, and she is often inspired by the natural world.

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