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COVID-19 Urban Speculation and Scenario Planning -

Speculative urbanization is “the construction of new urban infrastructure or settlement for primarily political or economic purposes, rather than to meet real (as opposed to artificially projected) demographic or market demand.”
Christopher Marcinkoski, The City That Never Was (2016).

This lab workshop explores the construction of possible future scenarios by analyzing current conditions, trends and speculative possibilities through a fixed methodology that ensures multiple outcomes.

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Instagram: @nicholasperuski
Instagram: @nathankurek

Nicholas Peruski
Nicholas Peruski is a Metro Detroit transplant, graduate-level student at Lawrence Technological University pursuing his Master of Architecture degree. On campus he is passionate about working with students at the printLab, as a teaching assistant and as a leader in the college’s AIAS and NOMAS chapters; off campus he works as an architectural and graphic designer. He enjoys unconventional architectural drawing styles, intense studio culture, 3D printing, pop colors, quirky graphics and big thinks.

Nathan Kurek
Nathan was born and has always lived in Michigan. Designing has been of interest to him since he was a child, especially three-dimensionally. He graduated high school in 2017 and started attending Lawrence Technological University the next fall to pursue a degree and career in architecture. In the future, he plans to get his master’s degree in architecture as well as become a licensed architect.

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