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StarAgilis Controller

Partner project sponsored by gaming & technology based startup, StarAgilis. Alexandro Pagura and Jenna Moss collaborated for this design project.

The brief from StarAgilis was to design a next-generation gaming controller incorporating their unique technology allowing for large amounts of data storage, multiple device connectivity, internet access, and a large touch screen. Dimensions and requirements for the controller's internals were given to us as a base to design on.

The game controller was designed to create an accessible entry point for those who are new to serious gaming while enhancing the experience of using the company’s unique and innovative technology. With a friendly aesthetic, soft gummy controls, and an ergonomic shape for all hand sizes, this controller is the perfect starting point for new gamers looking to play for long periods of time.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Alessandro Pagura and Jenna Moss

Alessandro Pagura
Hello, I'm Alessandro! I’m intent on creating designs that are playfully and intentionally minimal, while bringing a moment of joy to the users of my products and improving their everyday lives.
I have interned with a variety of different industries and studios during school, gaining over 2 years of valuable and practical professional experience that I bring to my everyday work. My designs have been featured in professional design galleries such as /DISH and LTU Amateur Hour, a design event I co-founded and co-created as an official part of Detroit Month of Design. My work has also been featured in international design blogs and publications such as Tasarlayanlar. Work of mine is currently on display in the Thaw exhibition at Nora until the 19th of May.

Jenna Moss
I am a junior in the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University where I major in Industrial Design. I expect to graduate in May of 2022.  
I’m influenced by bright colors and intriguing textiles and like incorporating those aspects into my designs. My aim is to create evocative experiences through my designs.

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