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Neoism Furniture Collection

Observing current trends and data, many companies and office spaces are aggressively moving toward a Hybrid working model, mixing both Work-From-Home and In-Person working. Many work spaces will be geared almost entirely for collaboration, with individual work being completed mostly offsite.

This radical change in workspace usage requires entirely new systems of worksurfaces, storage, and furnishings.

The Tipsy series is ready for this challenge, giving workers more flexibility and control over their workspace. The mobile series, comprising a powered worksurface, a whiteboard / privacy screen, a stool / storage, and a chair provide the mobility and malleability perfect for the collaboration and spontaneous interactions so important to In-Person working.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Alessandro Pagura

Hello, I'm Alessandro! I’m intent on creating designs that are playfully and intentionally minimal, while bringing a moment of joy to the users of my products and improving their everyday lives. I have interned with a variety of different industries and studios during school, gaining over 2 years of valuable and practical professional experience that I bring to my everyday work. My designs have been featured in professional design galleries such as /DISH and LTU Amateur Hour, a design event I co-founded and co-created as an official part of Detroit Month of Design. My work has also been featured in international design blogs and publications such as Tasarlayanlar. Work of mine is currently on display in the Thaw exhibition at Nora until the 19th of May.

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