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Evolve is a ski apparel and support collection. The clothing design is a system within ski apparel that provides support allowing intermediate /expert skiers to practice with few worries. While also providing a luxury product that inhabits the culture around ski life.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Gabrielle Larkin

Gabrielle Larkin is an industrial designer based in southeast Michigan. Her intent when it comes to design is helping enhance user experience and crafting products through storytelling, form, and relations to the users. Overall her interests in the design industry are diverse ranging from soft goods, lifestyle products, technology, and furniture/home goods. Currently Larkin is a graduating senior industrial design student at Lawrence Technology University, and she will be graduating this spring. Throughout her 5 years at LTU she has worked on various projects that have widened her skillset involving analog skills like sketching and prototyping to digital with sketch renders, modeling, and realistic renders to effectively communicate ideas.

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