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Human Centred Design Studio pushed design thinking while putting the user first. We took a look at users that we were able to have a connection with and would be able to prioritize their needs in our designs. We were given a persona and a challenge, and I chose students struggling with school with the challenge of staying active indoors.

Aura is focused on generating connections between users through exercise in a world where we can't always be together. Exercise is tied to so much of our motivation, mental health, self-esteem, and more. I wanted to create an exercise mat that would offer an engaging experience that gives the user motivation to continue to exercise weekly. Aura reflects the movement of a partner's connected mat through the use of LEDs and pressure sensors, to give both users an aura of their partner's presence.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Mikayla Burtch

Mikayla is a second-year industrial design student at Lawrence Technological University, working towards her Bachelor's in industrial design. She works to add a splash of fun in all of her work and strives to design for all people, regardless of status or background. Her work is focused on creating new experiences for users while exploring design with a playful and optimistic feel.

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