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“Office Life” Notification System

“Office Life” Notification System

Life in an office can get pretty busy sometimes. Meetings, Team Discussions, Social Visits. People’s desks can turn into social hubs pretty quickly. As Teleconferences and At-Desk lunches have become increasingly common, and with COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, there can be times when socially open offices need to slow down and respect others’ space. So, in an effort to gently communicate the desk occupant’s lack of availability or desire for space at times when a visit is less opportune, a passive communication solution is needed..

“Office Life” is a tool placed on or around the desk or cubicle wall that would relay the user’s availability in an easily interpreted manner. Connecting to the user’s computer through cable of Bluetooth, the “Office Life” app would run in the background by compiling the “availability information” found in common business organization tools such as Skype, Microsoft Outlook, Discord, and more into 3 easily digested pieces: “Are they accepting visitors?”, “When did this status begin?”, and, “When will it change?”

By translating this information from a digital space to a physical one, and presenting it in a simple way, guests who have not looked up the individual’s availability beforehand can be informed well before accidentally intruding upon them.


Art + Design



Industrial Design [BS]




Matthew E. Schott

Matt Schott, a Metro Detroit area native, is an Honors Industrial Design Junior at Lawrence Technological University. Already an established CAD Draftsman with an eye for Technical Publications and digital Mock-Ups, Matt views CAD as a favorite means for experimentation and expression of his ideas.

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