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United By Empathy

United By Empathy is a grassroots organization that promotes an optimistic visual identity for Southwest, Detroit's diverse population. The platform celebrates and honors their culture, hard work, and resilience by allowing Spanish, English, and Spanglish-speaking Latinos from Southwest Detroit to publish their stories of hardships and social injustices to foster understanding within their community. The platform is intuitively designed to provide access to resources and information that can help alleviate struggles with acclimation into the city. Additionally, this project aims to break down barriers faced by Latinos such as language barriers, cultural isolation, lack of educational opportunities, immigration issues, and discrimination. United By Empathy is motivated to bridge gaps between cultures while also providing support services tailored towards addressing these issues in order for Southwest, Detroit, and Latinos to have equitable opportunities within our society.Design influences how the Latino community feels, behaves, and performs by creating an optimistic visual identity inspired by the imagery of Southwest, Detroit, and indigenous communities of Latin America. It can also bring them together through an intuitive storytelling platform that allows Southwest, Detroit Latinos to share their stories of hardships and social injustices, fostering understanding and creating connections within the community. Moreover, design can provide access to resources and information that can help alleviate struggles with acclimation.





Graphic Design [BA]




Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos is a bilingual Xikanx designer and honors graduate from Lawrence Technological University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Driven by graphic design's ability to amplify minority voices and create awareness of underlying issues in society, Carlos has developed an affinity for UX/UI design, building brand identities, and exploring new software. His work was featured in the “Craft in the Digital Age” exhibition at the Ford & Eleanor home in 2022 and he served as Co-President of LTU’s AIGA chapter in 2020. With plans to pursue a career field focused on UX/UI, Carlos hopes to continue making positive impacts within communities like Southwest, Detroit while furthering his own professional development.

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