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Tip Toe

Tip Toe is a learning tool that helps reduce climate anxiety by informing people that sustainability is accessible and providing the resources for them to learn how to live sustainably. Climate anxiety has become a worldwide issue for people aged 16-25 in response to the climate crisis. Tip Toe provides an in-app point system that allows users to track and reduce their ecological footprint as they practice building habits. Activities can be completed quickly for users that want to make simple changes. Readings allow users to learn about green practices without needing to perform a task. Lessons are long term tasks that teach in depth skills for users to invest in personal growth and lasting environmental reduction. Gamification keeps users engaged through community, goals, reminders, and lessons that focuses on encouragement rather than competition to create a holistic stress free learning experience.





Graphic Design [BA]




Dan Cook

Dan Cook will be graduating fall 2023 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Lawrence Technological University. Dan has been involved in LTU campus life, working as a campus resident assistant and a graphic designer for LTU’s office of Student Life.
Their design work is approached as a single universe, expanding as a design system with focus in branding, ux ui, print, speculative design, to work between physical and digital mediums to tell a cohesive story. In personal work Dan creates still-life and portrait paintings to explore relationships of color that use a limited palette with outcomes that are bold and expressive. Dan has freelanced art and design work for three years, commissioning custom paintings and designing and installing a mural. Working with an app startup, Dan provided ux ui design experience to help lead the direction of mobile app wireframing and design to deliver to developers.

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