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The Museum Of Pasta + Noodles + Carbs

Well-designed experiences can attract new visitors to an area and entertain and educate a local audience. Themed experiences deliver “wow” moments that both delight and ignite joy.
Graphic design can be used in themed experiences to communicate a cohesive story. The designed elements immerse visitors deeper into the narrative the experience is built upon.
The goal of “The Museum Of Pasta + Noodles + Carbs” is to design an experience to enhance the story of pasta. The museum will immerse and engage visitors more deeply into both the exhibits and the themes it is built upon. A strongly designed brand identity and communication system applied to different modems of information displays and promotional design will develop a unique and memorable experience for the visitor. Graphic design will create a cohesive exhibition that aligns with the knowledge, exhibits, and merchandise on display.





Graphic Design [BA]





Evelyn Herrmann

Evelyn Herrmann is a Cincinnati native achieving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She graduates from Lawrence Technological University in 2023. She enjoys looking at design holistically and understanding how it can best appeal to target audiences. She currently works as a project manager and web production coordinator for YellowFlag Productions as well as a senior website designer for Lawrence Tech’s College of Architecture and Design. Evelyn has worked on a variety of freelance projects including branding and promotional materials for the 2022 Kimmie Horne Jazz Festival. Throughout her college career, she has been the lead graphic designer on the award-winning Elevenfinity Hackathon Team. In her free time, she can be found volunteering with Samaritas Senior Living’s intergenerational program or trying new restaurants and bakeries in the area. As for the future, she is planning to use her degrees to continue delivering “wow moments” for companies and consumers with an emphasis on positively positioned design.

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