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In the fast food industry, there is a lack of concern among brands for their policies, their treatment of animals throughout their supply chains, and the extent of their environmental effects. They have made record profits at the expense of animals, workers, farmers, public health, and the environment for too long. Because of this, I have designed the branding and promotional materials for Powerbite.

Powerbite is a vegan fast-food restaurant designed to be tasty, sustainable, and affordable for fast-food eaters, environmentally conscious individuals, and vegans. The brand personality and advertisements demonstrate that plant-based fast-food outlets can be as attractive as their meat-based counterparts. With a fresh approach, Powerbite showcases that a positive change in the fast-food industry is possible while still giving fast-food customers a familiar environment and language.





Graphic Design [BA]




Niemah Hills

Niemah Hills is achieving her BFA in graphic design from Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in 2023. She enjoys illustration, has a discerning eye for visual aesthetics, and a passion for cause-inspired design, including animal rights. During her free time, she enjoys crafting playful graphics, experimenting with artistic tactile expressions, making creative inventions come to life on paper, and immersing herself in a variety of artistic mediums, all in pursuit of the inspiration that fuels her design and innovation.

Her work has included being a graphic designer for LTU’s offices of Career Services and Student Affairs, as well as a web content manager intern for Yellow Flag Productions. Looking into the future, she aspires to work as a collaborative designer to join a team of like-minded creatives and improve her skill set.

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