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Graphic design can mitigate future worrying by utilizing positive distractions as productive breaks for users to think in a present state of mind.

People are thinkers, and more common than ever, people are overthinking things far beyond what is controllable in their own lives. The MindFull method is for those who think so much about what could happen in the future instead of what is happening right now. This relies on research-driven solutions to alter their focus to a more present state of mind by providing them with activities that are normally associated with being a distraction, along with objectives to ease the user into conducting the activity. In doing so, step-by-step guides were curated in an app and analog manner to appeal to a wide range of users, primarily young adults 18-24 years old as they are most commonly experienced in worry about the future. The app provides users with activities based on the amount of time spent off their phones. The user can choose to take the break when prompted or hold onto the break until a later time in the day, up to three breaks per day. The analog paper manual provides the same value as the app only in a more personal handheld manner that only relies on the app to initially assign the break time activities and then they can obtain all the same information and benefits in a way that doesn't glue them to their devices.





Graphic Design [BA]



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David DeCruydt

David DeCruydt is graduating from LTU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in December 2023. He was a member of the LTU Men’s Bowling program during his entire college career and co-captain of the men’s team that won LTU’s first national championship at the 2023 NAIA Collegiate Championships. A majority of his design experience is in the Adobe suites with interests in branding, motion graphics, UX/UI design, and 3D design. He also has a passion for creating aesthetic compositions in photography. He has yet to experience the working field but is always working on personal projects to grow his portfolio.

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