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From Classes to Clients

From Classes to Clients is a personal recollection of a first-time freelancing experience. The writing reflects on the various challenges and learning experiences involved with working for a client in comparison to standard class projects. The book also acts as a how-to guide for others initiating work with a freelance client, calling out the most important lessons and tips learned along the way. Topics covered include writing a contract, getting a signature and deposit, and even how to gracefully cut ties. From Classes to Clients also captures the excitement and anxiousness involved with working with a client for the first time through the illustrations both on the cover and within the book. Freelancing can be a rocky experience, but this book can help make that transition from classes a little easier.





Graphic Design [BA]







Isabel Fiori

Isabel Fiori is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in May of 2023. Her main ambition is to understand people and the world around us. Utilizing design, she aspires to help others to understand too. Visually sharing ideas is imperative to society. Her role is to use visual mediums to make sure communications are effective and fulfilling their purpose. While at LTU, Isabel has been involved in various organizations on campus including the current President and Programming Director of AIGA LTU, and a former Vice President of Delta Tau Sigma sorority. Additionally, she has worked with University Housing as a Resident Assistant, Senior Resident Assistant, and Professional Staff member. Recently, she has been working as a Designer and Student Assistant to University Housing and Student Affairs designing in a wide variety of digital and physical mediums. She also had the opportunity to design the logo for the 2023 CoAD Senior Show. Isabel has accepted a full time position working for Ballard International where she will be helping build their marketing and design department. She strives to continue to find opportunities to strengthen the ties between communication, connection, and design throughout her career.

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