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Connecting with Self-Expression

People can use pop culture-related tattoos to connect with by reminding someone of a special memory through tattoos. Another way people utilize self-expression is by posting on social media GIF stickers that represent themselves. Fashion, music, and films also impact someone. In this thesis project, research of how people express themselves and surveys were collected to develop ideas on self-expression. Self-expression let’s individuals become aware of how someone else wants to be perceived as, which physically and emotionally influences them. My thesis examines self-expression to reveal one’s beliefs, values, personality, and interests through tattoo flash sheets, highlighting three people’s connections with specific pop culture elements and an interactive app that gives users the opportunity to interact with my ways of self-expression.





Graphic Design [BA]




Marcella Kada

Marcella Kada will receive her BFA in Graphic Design from Lawrence Technological University in May 2022. She has a strong interest in illustration and animation. In the future, Marcella aspires to work in a studio while utilizing her design skills.

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