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Community Is The Foundation of Success

These projects are created to help highlight the idea of community, and what community is for the people here at Lawrence Tech. By collecting information via guerilla research and surveys, I have compiled the overarching themes amongst the students and faculty to create a representation of these ideas. One of the forms being a mural, and the other in the form of animations. The mural is a staple in centralized campus as a reminder for students to be proud of the community and themselves, and that there is help offered where help is needed. The animations do the same, while also highlighting the struggle that is college. I felt these two mediums to be important because of accessibility and reachability – both physical and digital spaces.





Graphic Design [BA]




Dane Bezeau

My name is Dane Bezeau and I am a senior graphic designer at Lawrence Technological University, as well as free lance designer. My goals are to create visually pleasing graphics that may inspire others to react positively to graphics in both the real world as well as digitally. Outside of graphic design I am also a tattoo artist, and painter. I like to make sure the work I am creating allows for myself to have fun, and the viewers of my work to enjoy themselves too.

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