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Zahra is exhibiting an immersive experience called Party People. By creating an online profile and translating illustrations into a three-dimensional space, Zahra is creating an environment of the modern social media influencer. This embodies hyper exaggerated personas, a saturation of content, and of course sponsorships. The digital profile, Goddamn Animals, sponsors these personas that will be present during the exhibition. While audiences explore the space, they will have a chance to meet these personas and connect with them physically as they do digitally.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BS]



Instagram: @zahras.xo


Zahra Fardin

Zahra Fardin is a creative from Palo Alto, California based in Metro Detroit, specializing in illustrating and 2D animation. Her work treads the line of implicit and explicit content, most of which provides witty social commentary on modern ideas of femininity and sexuality. When creating iconography, phrases, or gifs, she finds inspiration in internet culture and social media.

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