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The Exquisite Corpse concept was born in Paris in 1925 by the artists involved with the surrealist movement.

The Exquisite Corpse started as a parlor game and evolved into an artform of chance, community, and discovery.

This project is meant to embrace the fact that we are physically separated by imposed distance due to Covid-19 but can connect visually and conceptually through the act of making art, design, and video.

You are to confine your videos to your HOME (indoors or outdoors or both). Think about penetrating and penetrable surfaces via the magic and power of graphic matching editing.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BS]



Malik Jordan

Malik Jordan is a 3D artist living in Michigan who earned his BFA in Game Art from Lawrence Technological University. His love for games started in the 7th grade and from there, he had the desire to learn how games are made. Currently, Malik is working at project S.N.A.P. as an assistant artist and is taking on commission projects.

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