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Tyler is exhibiting the exciting new deck of cards called the Four Rights Playing Cards. By integrating the Queer community and it’s modern inclusive family structure, the bridge between traditional interactions and the Queer community expands and can effectively reform and improve these interactions. Four Rights Playing Cards is set to redesign the traditional set of 52-playing cards to represent a new hierarchy and reflect a community that is often ignored. The mission is to bring representation and empowerment to communities that deserve to be heard.

While audiences interact with the cards, they will have a chance to meet the new faces of the royal court and gain a deeper understanding of their impact on the Queer community.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BS]





Tyler Rose Hudiburgh

Tyler Rose is a graphic designer currently based in Detroit. She has always had an admiration for playing cards and the history that ties into the design behind them. Along with spending the majority of her spare time volunteering for LGBTQ+ nonprofits around the Metro Detroit area, she found a way to combine her two favorite interests into one compelling project.

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