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For this project I created a snapshot of a flooded street drain covered in leaves; I call it Drowned. My goal was to express the fact that nature will always survive even once humans are gone. This piece is one of a few that work toward my goal. To convey my goal I explored drawing and painting in Photoshop. I had done very few illustrations in Photoshop in the past, and the ones that I had done were all minimal. Photoshop is the program that I was least acquainted with, however through this process, I learned to use many of the tools. I chose digital illustrations so that I could create a scene that would reveal to the audience exactly what I imagined.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BS]


IG: victoria_rose_179

Victoria McGow

Victoria McGow is a design student and artist living in Farmington Hills, MI. She loves animals, the outdoors, and always seeks the positive things in life. She hopes to one day use her art and design to promote awareness toward our negative interactions in the outdoors.

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