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Know Your Privacy

KnowYourPrivacy is an augmented reality experience that creates awareness about the sensitive information that is disclosed to companies through their privacy policies. People tend not to read these policies because there is no immediate risk that would make them think twice about it, and because the information is so dense. Meeting the user on social media with an augmented reality filter, this project creates a connection between the user and the sensitive information that they are displaying about themselves.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BFA]




Arshon Tillman

Arshon Tillman is a freelance Artist and Graphic Designer from Lawrence Technological University with an interest in social media, advertising, augmented reality, logo design, clothing brand design, and sticker design. Key projects that he has worked on in the past include an augmented reality storybook, an animated video that focused on typography, a painted mural for Mother's Pantry, and designed materials for Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice. He is expected to graduate in fall 2021 with BFA in Graphic Design.

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