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Growing Pontiac

"Growing Pontiac is a non-profit based in Pontiac, Michigan focused on teaching people to garden for increasing their access to food, beautification, and therapeutic purposes and providing them the resources and connections they need to get started. The organization wanted to build a brand that was more professional and polished while remaining true to the community they serve. The Graphic Design 4 class (Dane Bezeau, Alex Bucciero, John Cuschieri, Kara Dawkins, Anna Ellis, Nichole Hyduk, Marcella Kada, Victoria McGow, McKenzie Peters, Jack Roberts, instructed by Lindsey Camelio) worked together to ideate, sketch, and iterate.

The final version of the logo chosen by the client was created by Dane Bezeau, John Cuschieri, and Kara Dawkins. Their goal was to create a logo that looks hand-drawn that will not alienate the community by appearing corporate, while clearly communicating that the organization is all about growth. The logo was initially drawn by hand and then digitally polished to convey a sense of professionalism while still being approachable and down to earth.It features a gardening shovel that morphs into a plant, this represents the labor that one puts into their garden and the fruitful results that labor yields.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BFA]



Instagram: @scratchgraphics


Dane Bezeau, John Cuschieri, Kara Dawkins

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