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FlatVend is an independent publishing practice with a body of work covering culture critiques, short stories, and LGBTQ+ focused poetry. The work exists in both digital and physical mediums utilizing different contexts and forms of interaction to gain or support meaning. FlatVend operates under an open access policy, meaning all work produced is made available in its entirety, for free, for consumption and distribution.

On a wider scale, FlatVend seeks to be an end product of a critique on the current trends in social internet culture. This critique is centered around the commodification of community-building and the maintaining of the internet as a relatively autonomous place of cultural production. FlatVend does not claim to be a solution to this critique but rather a single component in an envisioned network of sites operating under similar ideologies


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BFA]




Jacob Hill

Jacob Hill is a multi-medium designer with a focus on publications and web. With the majority of their public works being produced under the name FlatVend, an independent studio practice. Jacob is currently working for Lawrence Technological University as a Web Developer and Designer where they will graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design.

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