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Like every person living with a disability, there are always challenges with fitting in. We do not strive to live a "normal" life. Rather, we yearn to be given equal opportunities in our everyday lives. As a listener to many podcasts, I often sought out transcripts of episodes for my own personal enjoyment. But, these transcripts are hard to find and most podcasts rely on their listeners to write up episode transcripts, which often can be poorly written and inaccurate. I sought to bridge the gap between deaf/hearing-impaired people and podcasts. To further my appreciation and education regarding this mission, I looked at precedents and interviewed someone who has first-hand experience in the hearing-impaired community.

Earthscribe is an app designed for deaf and hard of hearing people who want to get into podcast culture! Earthscribe works like other podcast platforms, but instead of audio, Earthscribe provides the user with the episode transcript.


Art + Design



Graphic Design [BFA]




Lilo DiGiovanni

Lilo DiGiovanni is a designer who focuses on graphics and UX/UI. He uses his creativity to tell stories, educate, and bridge worlds together. He will be graduating in the fall of 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Design from Lawrence Technological University.

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