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A top down competitive couch party game for all ages. Shockball aims to create a simple game system that inspires high quality game play in its players. In Shockball it is your goal to hold the ball longer then your opponent to accumulate points, first person to max out their points wins.





Game Design [BFA]




Jack B. Kling, Harry Carr, and Theodore Kurokawa

Jack Kling is a senior game design major who hopes to work at a AAA game studio as a game designer, narrative designer, level designer, or 3D artist. As a student he’s worked on several games and art projects over the past 4 years. For this project Jack worked on the game as lead game designer and as a 3D artist. He entered game design to make the world a better place through games.

Harry Carr is a senior game software major interested in indie development, and the programmer of this game, having worked on others in the past at LTU. He aimed to make the gameplay feel kinetic and responsive, so that moving around would be fun all on its own.

Theodore Kurokawais a senior game art major who is aiming for work in indie game development as a 2D character designer, 3D artist, or community manager. As a student at Lawrence Tech University they’ve worked on games, art projects, and lead the game community on campus as the head of Infinite Machine. For this project they worked as the lead artist and character designer. They entered this project with enthusiasm and strive to share dynamic designs with the players.

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