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Witch Switch

Witch Switch follows a young witch and her familiar as they explore a forest filled with mysteries. Swap between controlling the witch and cat to fight enemies and open the path forward. However, spells aren’t the only tricks up their sleeves. When the two stand close together, they gain the ability to combine into one powered-up witch. Use their new strength to open previously inaccessible paths and take out any monsters standing in their way.
The goal of Witch Switch is simple: reach the end of the forest. The player will need to explore the land and brave puzzle-filled dungeons to unlock the way forward. The world and gameplay are designed to evoke the feelings of adventure and exploration. They’ll need to consider the abilities and actions of each character to find the solution to whatever problem they’ll face.





Game Design [BA]



Phone: 248-505-6120


Maggie Hartman

Maggie Hartman is a Senior in Game Design finishing up her last weeks in the program. During her time at Lawrence Tech, she’s had the opportunity to explore everything game development has to offer. From coding to UI design, she has enjoyed the opportunity to get a peek at every aspect of the creation process. She loves concept art and creating game assets, but has found an interest in the design that goes into the gameplay and player experience throughout her time in the program. As she moves forward in her career, she hopes she can make games that players can connect with and create memorable moments.

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