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Reflect is about a person who has a sudden case of amnesia and can’t get out of
their apartment room. To get out, they must solve a variety of room puzzles to
recover their lost identity to get out of their room.





Game Design [BA]




Mackenzie Spurlock William Rutledge Jasmine Spurlin

Mackenzie Spurlock is a game design student from Lawrence Technological University graduating in 2023. She is a 2D artist that likes to do character designs, is very creative, and is willing to learn new skills.
William Rutledge is graduating in May 2023 with a Bachelor in computer science from Lawrence Technological University. He is a programmer who is proficient with Unity and is always willing to learn new game engines and programming languages.
Jasmine Spurlin is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in game design from Lawrence Technological University in 2023. She has a passion for game design specifically in 2D and 3D environmental art.

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