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Incongruity follows the path of the player who has found themselves within the halls of a strange Victorian-era mansion. Within they are faced with a number of strange puzzles, the solutions being hidden, just within the reach of the player. As they move from room to room, the player uncovers a story that is woven throughout these halls, and by completing each puzzle, the player edges closer and closer to reaching the final goal and understanding the story of the manor.

The goal and mechanics of Incongruity are quite simple and straightforward. The player can approach any and all the puzzles at a pace that they choose, with the chance to start over fresh being just a press of a button away. Each room features a new type of puzzle to crack, and another piece of the story within these halls. They’ll need to consider the environment around them to discover the solutions, and spend long and hard thinking through the final.





Game Design [BA]



phone #: 630-677-0000


Rebekah Campbell

Rebekah Campbell is a Senior majoring in Game Design at Lawrence Technological University. During her time at LTU, she has learned and practiced the tools of game design, exploring every facet that plays into game development. Starting with UI and level design and spreading outwards to coding and concept art, Rebekah is familiar with the ever-changing landscape of game design and greatly enjoys getting engaged with its ups and downs. In particular, she’s found a certain affinity with level design and layout, and cares very deeply about telling an engaging and interesting story. As she graduates and finds her footing in the field of game design, she hopes to discover more ways to implement meaningful stories into more games, be they big or small, short or long.

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