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Fishing Knight

Fishing Knight is a journey of a lone knight torn from his daily duties of fishing to save his land from an unknown evil now plaguing his world. Travel across vast landscapes in search of answers to save your favorite fishing spots. Fishing Knights’ arsenal is of just his trusty fishing rod for ranged combat, which conveniently doubles as a sword for close-up combat. Choose which situation calls for what and cast out on an adventure. Run, jump, fight, and fish your way to glory.





Game Design [BA]




Benjamin Schock

Benjamin Schock is a graduate of Lawrence Technological University, where he received his bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Art. From graduating High School he has attended three college level fields in graphic design, digital media and game design. Learning has been his passion from the beginning no matter how big the set back he will see the project through. This final project was made in Unity Developed entirely by Benjamin; he is currently pushing to deepen his understanding of other programs such as Unreal and is very excited to continue his passion of game design.

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