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Fetch! is a pixel platformer that revolves around being fast-paced and one-hit-death. The player uses sword-based mechanics and combat to fight back and get past each challenge within the game. The player is a dog that plays fetch with its owner when suddenly the owner throws the bone too far and gets it lost in the dark forest past the owner's backyard. Even with the unknown lying from deep within, the dog is still determined to get its bone back for the owner and will do anything to get it done! With the dog entering he forest in a sprint and picking up a sword he found at the forest's entrance, they must get through the deadly challenges that lie ahead.
Are you up for the challenge?





Game Design [BA]



Phone: 248-444-5810


Griffin Weathers

Griffin Weathers is a senior at Lawrence Technological University, studying the major of Game Design. He primarily focuses on 2D Art/Pixel Art and Concept Art, but has dabbled into almost everything that makes a game come to life (animation, coding, etc.). Griffin’s goal is to graduate in January 2024 and receive his bachelor’s degree. Griffin joined game design to give to others that escape from the world with an engaging story and gameplay mechanics that he experiences
when he was at a young age. If Griffin could make an audience happy with a game he creates in the future, then he would consider his career a success. The final project he made was created in GameMaker Studio 2 and was developed entirely be Griffin. While GameMaker has been a nice experience for Griffin, he would like to look into Unreal Engine in the near future for experience within that game engine.

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